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Embrace Your Future with Hopeful Springs Counseling

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Asking for help is a sign of strength.

Admitting you can’t do everything on your own, is the first step toward achieving wellness in a fast paced, demanding world. It takes courage to ask for help.  We hope to make your first step as easy as possible. We offer a range of services to include individual, couples, and family counseling. Together we can work towards hope, healing, and a better tomorrow.

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Get Started Today

We are committed to helping our clients find peace and balance in their lives. Call us today at (719) 425-9630 or book with one of our therapists by clicking on the contact tab.

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Our Team

We have a team of therapists who have an innate ability to establish rapport quickly, build trust, interact with and relate to individuals on all levels.

Why Therapy?

Beginning the counseling journey can be intimidating. That is why HSC is committed to creating a safe, non-judgmental space to support you in every way possible. Counseling is an excellent way to promote self-care and tune into yourself and your needs.

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Why Hopeful Springs?

At HSC, we are compassionate, empathetic, and solutions-oriented psychotherapists dedicated to providing exceptional care and implementing effective treatment plans for children, adolescents, and adults in a variety of settings. We can help you address the issues that are most important to you and help you produce change.

Please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. 

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Schedule an Appointment

We look forward to helping you make the first step toward your well being.

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