Meet Our Therapists

Meet Our Team

Nicole Denzler, MA, LPC

Nicole has worked with and supported individuals from all walks of life. Life is hard and brings many struggles and challenges. Often times we can process and make it through those challenges on our own. However, there are times when we need help and support processing and working through some of those life struggles and challenges. Her philosophy is that people do not seek out counseling “to be fixed”, we seek out counseling to work with a professional that can help guide and support us through the parts of our life that are out of sink and unbalanced. 


Nicoles passion to help others runs deep. Her approach to mental health and counseling is a very client/person centered approach. Many of her techniques resinate from CBT, DBT, and mindfulness practices. Her specialty area is working with kids and adolescents to help process, support and create a toolbox of healthy coping skills to use throughout their life. 


We all have our trials and tribulations throughout life. Often times we get to a place that we need help to move forward through some of those struggles. Each of us have our own rhythm to life and as the world around us unfolds, we sometimes loose our healthy beat in life. When we are out of balance we often need help finding our peaceful life rhythm again.

Nicole accepts: United Health Care, Cigna, TriCare, BCBS, and Medicaid.

**Nicole is NOT accepting new clients at this time**

Tahnee Roberts, MS, LPCC

Tahnee has a passion for helping people who are dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, difficult life transitions, personality disorders, and relational hardships. Life can be difficult and you may start to feel stuck or disconnected, or you may wonder where you fit in this life. This can often lead to depression, anxiety, or broken relationships. Tahnee's goal is to help you feel settled once again, to develop more satisfying relationships, and to create purpose and meaning in your life. 


She tailors her therapeutic technique to her clients’ needs, using evidence-based tools and solutions. Using a collaborative approach, we will address and conquer the underlying cause of your hardships. Some therapeutic techniques that she offers are: CBT, DBT, ACT, SFT, EFT, Christian Counseling, and more! Tahnee is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy, and is familiar with the unique difficulties our military and families face daily.


Beginning the counseling journey can be intimidating. That is why she is committed to creating a safe, non-judgmental space to support you in every way possible. Counseling is an excellent way to explore your questions, build stronger connections, and strengthen your inner resources. 

Tahnee accepts: Cigna and will take Medicaid starting July 1st. 

Morning appointments available. 

Nicole Dillon, MA, LPCC

Nicole has worked with many people who suffer from toxic relationships and low self-worth resulting in depression, anxiety and disordered thinking.  Many of these mental health issues are rooted in past trauma.  A coping skill that naturally develops in an unhealthy environment can later be the source of mental health disorders. Together we will examine the ways you connect with your world, focusing on your individual concerns. We will work to uncover the source of your pain and discover new styles of relating to the people in your life. 

Nicole utilizes a Person- Centered approach to understand and establish a genuine therapeutic relationship with her clients. Her style is grounded in Person-Centered Therapy, but she utilizes various techniques depending on each client's individual needs. These may include: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Adlerian Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy. Nicole desires that her clients feel heard and understood, she is committed to creating an environment that fosters unconditional acceptance by meeting you right where you are and walking with you on your journey to wholeness and healing. 

Nicole accepts Cigna and will take Medicaid starting July 1st. 

Evening appointments available.